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Open Multiple Links Simultaneously With LinkClump For Chrome
Tabbed browsing works but needing to hold down the Control key and hitting every link you need to open or selecting ‘open in new tab’ from the right click menu for every link isn't just time consuming but additionally down right irritating. Rather than clicking with one hand or being able to drink coffee using the other, you have to hold down the Control key and click. That is where the LinkClump extension for Google Chrome can make life (and browsing) much easier.
The extension is the best for browsing Search Results (or any other search results). Its core utility happens when you need to open multiple links on any given page. This could be a list of items on eBay, it could be a large list of useful URLs that a friend or coworker sent you within an email or it might just be the commonly used links on your Gmail account.

The functionality from the extension can be set simultaneously it has installed and changed later. You may choose how LinkClump will select links; the default setting may be the right-click button. Holding and dragging the right-click button across links results in a selection marque around them. When the button is released, all links are opened inside a new tab. If you like that the links are opened in a new window, you can set the choice from settings. I recognize both backlinks and linked images (image maps). It will auto scroll windows as you drag the mouse down.
LinkClump works in the background without any icon or bar appearing in almost any area of the browser window.
Opens multiple URL at once in new tab. This URL opener can open series of URL in single click.
Opens multiple URL at the same time in new tab. This URL opener can open series of URL in single click.
There are instance whenever we wish to open couple of URL. However, there is very difficult way available to perform the same. Hard strategy is to repeat each URL in new tab striking enters. Thus writing this extension to provide a mechanism to spread out multiple URL at once in new tabs. This gives a simple way to open set of URL in order to save time.
URLOpener: Open Multiple URLs at the same time.
URLOpener is a nice app that makes it an easy to open multiple URLs simultaneously. Sure, it is not helpful for everyone out there, but it is definitely helpful for some of us.
Check the tool should you open multiple url at times, just copy paste all the url in the text box striking submit, it'll show a message with all Url’s and a button which reads “Open All”, click that it'll open all the URLs

How To Open Multiple Links/Windows Having a Single Link
Whenever we visit any pages we discover various links and every one of these are clickable which are called Hyperlinks which are pointed to a different web address which means as soon as we click the link we're come to a brand new URL and a new website or any other area of the website opens.